XR-4Drone is our take on implementing the infamous Miru MOD in these  advanced flying machines. 

As ethousiasts our own, we experienced the continuous battle against weight increases during Drone upgrades but also the nasty bulks of wires just running along and around your hull. After all, these should be sleek looking gadgets and not flying computers (or at least not in appearance). Therefore we started looking for ways to integrate upgrades in the existing space offered by the Drone and this resulted in our first product, the XR-4Drone mod.

    Want to get more range out of your AR-DRONE 2.0….

….and still having all the features of your wifi device?    



This NEW compact design fits perfectly in the belly of the Drone. Shield will completely cover the mod without any pressure to the mod. The mod is covered with plastic shrink tubing for added protection.

Rugged and durable with no sensitive wires.

This kit is plug and play tested and working perfectly. Mod will work with any DSM2 compatible transmitter. Such as:


  • Spektrum DX6i and up 
  • Any JR that uses DSM2 protocol
  • The new HobbyKing Orange T-Six Transmitter
  • The NEW Turnigy 9xr with DSM2 module




Small and light weight… 

…upgrading without loosing performance!   





XR-4Drone will give your machine a range of approximately 1500ft or 460m.


Plenty of room to fly around, enough to fly out of sight!


You can easily update the software via a USB cable as new versions are available.

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